Sowing Season

So I am super excited about the new blog. I’ve been on a spiritual journey the last couple of years. I’m a lucky wife. A volunteer. A veteran. An artist.poet.writer. A maid and a chef. A soul soldier of LOVE!!

Are you wondering what I am going to write about??? I plan on posting everything from rating movies to beauty tips to recipes like Jamie Got Drunk and Made Chocolate Junk (cookies) or You’re All Mine Swine (a roast). I’ll review music. Talk about my travels and being a new girl in Houston. Share all the new things that I’ve learned. Complain a little bit and praise a lot!!! Talk about the evolution of my existence here in the universe. Be one part country and two parts rock and roll.

And I wanna know about you too! I love different points of views and try to remain open minded.

So here we go. It’s you and me brothers and sisters. Let’s get this mothatrucka started and set this sh*t on BLAST!!!!


Your Two Cents HERE!!!!

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