It’s Nepal Ya’ll

“It is necessary to help others, not only in our prayers, but in our daily lives. If we find we cannot help others, the least we can do is to resist from harming them. All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives.”
Dalai Lama

I am blessed to be married to an explorer and my husband agreed to go to India next year. I love the culture, the colors, how people truly celebrate life there. But it seems like life keeps showing me Nepal. First, I saw the Unmistaken Child and was in absolute awe.

trailer here, which is a freestream on Netflix: .

Nepal is wedged between India and the Chinese-occupied Tibet and has eight of the world’s largest ten peaks in the Himalayan mountains. Nepal also marks the collision point between Hinduism and Buddhism, between the Tibeto-Burmese language group and the Indo-European, and between Central Asian culture and Indian culture.

The people are beautiful with dark skin and ruddy cheeks.

Nepal is among the poorest and least developed countries in the world with nearly half of its population living below the poverty line, although fair trade is helping boost the economy. The per capita income was only $429 in 2009 (Travel Document Systems, Inc.).  <– and you think WE are in a recession??? But ask one of the yogi’s above and they will most likely tell you that they are the richest people in the universe.

Today, I got a package in the mail containing prayer flags.

I want to decorate the pool area with these colorful and lively flags. Guess where they came from?? To my surprise, Kathmandu (Nepal’s capital city). Just looking at the stamps took me on a mini vacation. I thought about the care that was taken into making the prayer flags, the hands that have touched it, wondered if the lady had ruddy cheeks. Wondered if she wonders about me too.

Just so you know where I stand, I am not Buddhist nor am I Hindu but I was raised at the foot of some Appalachian mountains and I was pretty poor growing up. I’ve been everything from a Jehovah’s Witness (I almost got bit by so many dogs knocking on doors) to Southern Baptist (where you get scared into going to heaven because the preacher screams and wipes his brow with a hankerchief) to the Appalachian snake handling Southern Pentecostal (we won’t go there). I believe in God and Jesus and pray to God. Meditation has improved my life and I incorporate it into my daily routine. I have been in some very dark places and am lucky to be where I am today- healthy, happy and free. Meditation taught me to slow down and savor life. Americans seem to be in a race with one another to keep up with the Jones’. What are we in such a hurry for? I’ve had the slice of American pie where my piece had to be bigger, sweeter and taste better than everyone else’s. I had to get my degrees complete and HAD to buy the charming house and blahblahblahblahblah to feel good enough. That piece of pie was bitter because I was missing something very important in my life- feeling connected and having resonance with something, anything, but status.

So, God willing, my husband and I are going to try and trek to this beautiful country next year. I don’t care to get my feet dirty as long as my heart is clean. Life itself is an act of faith. May we all co-exist peacefully. And may I be fortunate enough to meet the woman who gave me a mini-vacation today…

Love and compassion are not accessories, but necessities. Without them, we are all doomed.


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