A good way to start the week. =)

It’s so easy to “what if” or  “if only” things to death. If only my significant other  had _______, if only I had  higher education, if only I had more money, the job, if only I had  that classic Burberry  trench, if only certain people  would stop destructive behavior, if only I were thinner…  then I could accept happiness.

But here is the point that I’ve been missing: every single day, you and I are involved in a reincarnation of ourselves. With every breath we take, we are all a little bit different. We are constantly becoming someone new. Yesterday is beyond our control. We have no stake in tomorrow because it is unborn. That is why it is so important to accept who  we are right now-  as is.

There are often conditions in our lives in which we have no control. It can be easy to get stuck in the belief that circumstances should be a particular way in order to be acceptable, or that people must act a certain way to be acceptable. How many times have you set unrealistic expectations of someone and then got disappointed when you were let down? Having the wisdom to say, “Ohhhh, this is how it is. How can I have peace of mind to face this?” will help remove emotions and give guidance when making sensible decisions. True guidance does not come in the form of fear, anxiety, distrust or self importance. Live in the moment, accept and love yourself, and you will realize this: you possess a guide within yourself and it can be fully trusted. Happiness is meant to be yours.

If you are having a difficult time in your life, please know that a setback is only the beginning of something better to unfold. Stop your mind already because it is exhausted. Quit chasing your thoughts like a dog chases it’s tail. Try this: be where you are without holding on or running away from anything. Dive into the present and see what unfolds. The God above is with and within you and you are never alone. I wish everyone health, peace, happiness and love.



Did you know that the Redwood trees have shallow roots but are some of the oldest trees on earth because they share their roots with others? That is why I started this blog! So if you like a post or have recommendations for me, let me know. I try to use my words for good or at least good fun, so please share if you liked this post!!!


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