180 Degrees South

This is one my favorite movies of all time. If you appreciate nature, 180 Degrees South is a must see, but I think anyone would like it! Great soundtrack. Great waves. Great heights.













Must be transported here NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite quote: “If you don’t get on that boat, you’ll know exactly what you’ll go home to. If you do, your future is unwritten.” Your boat might be a dream job, school, backpacking Europe, learning that skill that you’ve wanted to know how to do forever but have been too lazy to get off your bum to actually do, the beginning of a new relationship, or, as in the case of one of my friends, an actual boat to sail the world. To the ones who are told they are crazy, stupid, or dumb to jump off the boring boat of yesterday and follow their dreams- you make me beam with happiness. Life is calling. No need to float safely.


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