Laura Mercier Cake Eyeliner Review

Do you dig my eyeliner??? I thought that painting on eyeliner was a gimmick but I can tell you that this awesomeness is totally worth the money. Laura Mercier cake eyeliner dries quickly and is waterproof! You can do anything from tight lining to cat eye to… well, whatever you and your brush desire!!! Here’s a tip that my friend Ashleigh taught me when applying makeup in general: stand back from the mirror and view makeup as art– do the basic shapes for shading and highlighting first for face and then for eyes and THEN stand closer to the mirror and blend, blend, blend. The only thing you won’t blend is the eyeliner itself and that is only if you are doing a cat eye. Every other time I do my eye makeup, I soften the eyeliner. You can sculpt 5 lbs off your face by strategically shadowing and highlighting (which I plan on doing in a future post). Yes boys, all 0 of you who are still reading, some of us crazy women even try to sculpt our faces skinny.

For my look, I tightlined the top lashes and did a cat eye. When I do a cat eye, I don’t do much lining on my bottom lash line. It’s just not my thing except I might go a little crazy makeup-wise in Vegas this weekend. I really want to wear black flats or boots, a black tank top, black leggings, a leopard scarf, and sport cat eyes and coral-red lips. I’ll have the hubbs take a pic and add it to the post if I follow through with the Vegas classic glam rocker goddess look.

Anyway, if you have never heard of tight lining, here is a video with the exact same Laura Mercier liner I have. It’s quality ladies.

Here is a link to the eyeliner:

  1. Katie N. said:

    I love Tiffany D! You and I are the same person …

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