I felt like writing a poem today


they feed on the victims while claiming

themselves as the victims.

they dance in pride. believe their own lies.

choose not to deliberate consequences

or contemplate fate.

the language is anxiety.

out of their own hurt they inflict pain.

ripple effect teaches other lost souls to hate.

not all things in life are blameless.

communication overload and manipulation.

self serving souls being shameless.

always changing the rules to what the game is.

hoping that you won’t let them know or call them out

knowing that they keep control if they cloud you with their doubt.

hoping that you’ll stay weak and lazy day in and day out.

bust you open from behind but never to your face, hit you wear it hurts-

steal things that can’t be replaced.

everyone mourns differently.

i believe that mourning

is a cycle of holding on to the fantasy

of what you wanted

and accepting the reality of what you’ve got.

to look inside and know

the great life can’t be bargained or bought.

open a window, release the souls.

right now is all you have.

only you can make you whole.

breathe in. breathe out.

rejoice in life. rejoice in now.

accept the grey but reflect colors

beautiful and bright.

hand in hand.

let’s do what is right.

if not now, when?

when will you get right now

back again?

it’s alright to fall

but don’t stay down

a crown of thorns

is still a crown.

it’s the chosen ones

that get up blow after blow.

who accept scars

and in darkness,

look for the glow.

photography and words copyright by bellavitabyjamie

  1. So good Jamie. I really like how you are able to see things from such a real and honest perspective…there’s never “fluff” in your work…..always real substance.

    • So sweet Ash. I’ve always called a spade a spade. It’s gotten me in trouble a couple of times! =D

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