Fall Loot

This recession has turned me into a freak saver shopper. Who the hell am I kidding? I’m a hillbilly and am always eyeing the sales racks. I have no shame. I have been able to express the artist in me without hurting my wallet by finding deals in the Galleria area. Here’s some examples that I have found this fall:

From Marshalls, a One World SakRoots bag printed on recycled paper. Normally: $75 I paid: $30. The bag is a print that represents unity in the world. Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism symbols are on the bag. I love the colors!











Next up is a shirt that I saw and had to get from Marshalls: MSRP: $30 I paid: $10. I plan on wearing this with a long tank top and black leggings with a neon headband.









The next items I got at Urban outfitters- all originally $15 I paid: $2.50 ea. The girl on the critter is a felt journal. The feel of felt always reminds me of a. being a child and b. fall so it will be perfect to take on my road trip this fall!!! I can’t wait to fill the pages.










I can’t go electronic with books. Not yet anyway. I’m nostalgic. And I’ve kept a journal since I was eight years old.

Next up, I got these at a REI garage sale last month. Hiking boots aren’t something you want to skimp on, especially if you have wide feet like I do (or narrow, or weird- you need to try on the boots and do research). I’ve always wanted these boots but they are $275. Garage sale price for moi: $90. I’ve been working out in them to break them in. Plan on trekking some mountains this fall. I bought purple+red mountaineering rope and used it as the laces so they will last a long, long time!! Shoe laces + extra 23 feet of survival rope for only $6. I tend to roll my ankles and these boots are insanely supportive. Don’t forget to go at least 1 1/2 sizes over your regular shoe size because your feet swell when hiking. To read reviews, click HERE!!!   If the apocalypse occurs in my lifetime, I hope to outrun you in these boots.











Banana Republic is currently having an insane sale- 40% off clearance prices. I got these $95 Clarks desert boots for under $17!!!! I love them so much! I’ve totally been on a Clark’s kick in 2011. This is my third pair of Clark’s and they are always worth every single penny. Plus, Clark’s are timeless!!!! Click here for the Indigo line, which is what I normally wear. Trendy and good for your soles. =) In Vegas, I totally laughed at the girls stumbling in their heels while I was wearing my poet shoes w/frilly socks and looked cooler anyway. ;O)








I also got these sweaters, which are kinda thin and see through. MSRP: $58 I paid: $12 ea. I plan on wearing a bright tank top with them and, again, leggings. This old gal is pushing thirty. I could care less if they are in style anymore. I love leggings because I can go retro with flats or super rocker with boots. So diverse!!!

Do you love sales like I do??? May all your bargain shopping dreams come true!!

Much, much love!!

–BV– Jamie


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