I bought two things at MAC today. First of all, I love Mac’s paintpot in Bare Study.

Bare Study- wonderful creaseless base


Been using for four years.

My only complaint is that it dries too quickly.

I might have a mental breakdown if paint pots get discontinued.

That’s how much I love them.


I also have:

Mac Delft- amazeballs with black shadow











Great as a base for neutrals, browns and golds












MAC has solved my woes by putting out a Posh Paradise campaign with a new formula for the ol’ paint pot. I’ve been doing cat eyes a lot lately (mostly due to the fact that I’m obsessed with Adele) and the Painterly or Canvas colors look super yellow on my fair skin. I bought Treasure Hunt, a beautiful wash of pale gold. The new formula doesn’t dry out as quickly and has a beautiful texture.

Here’s my swatch:

Treasure Hunt ($18.50 )- looks awesome over black and can be used as a highlighter!













The other Mac goody that I got is the Fix spray. It has glycerine so you can mix it with shadows, pigments and cakeliners to make eyeliner. It can also be sprayed on the face to reduce redness and set makeup. I’ve been trying to use water to mix my liners and ruined a Laura Mercier liner because our Houston city water is probably poison. But I digress…. I like the Fix. It’s pretty awesome.

Mac Fix ($20.00)












Mac embraces all races, ages, genders, and sizes! I am a huge fan.

I’ll post pics when I do my makeup and update this blog! Toodaloo kangaroos!!!!!

  1. Katie N. said:

    I have and love Rubenesque. I’ve been wanting another light shimmery color, so I’ll have to check out the new ones. I was at our (brand new!) Nordstrom the other day but I didn’t see them. I also love Groundwork, which looks kind of blah in the pot but looks awesome under taupes.

    • Thanks for opening my eyes to groundwork! I might try a lil of yours before I buy if that’s alright! I’ll email you and Chris soon.

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