twenty-nine south of the mason-dixon line

You know what, being 29 makes me happy. There was a freak out when I turned 25. But 29 rules.

The party started right after midnight when the hubbs came home with a vanilla frap and a pumpkin cream cheese muffin (<—-AMAZING). Here’s all the remaining evidence:

We watched a movie in bliss together.

Time with him is rare.










I slept in and then opened up cards/gifts from family:

We had no plans on purpose.

The gift card worked out nicely.

Outback bloomin' onion- something I eat about once a year. I could feel my blood pressure rising with each blissful bite.

We also had cheese dip and coke (him)/diet coke(moi). Unfortunately, we do this weekly. Neon cheese is so bad but oh so amazingly good.



























My grandmother passed away a couple of months ago. I dressed fun and colorful because life goes on. I wore one of her headscarves to feel close to her. This one actually was a belt from a reversible silk robe that my grandmother used to wear when I was a small child. I remember loving the feel of silk. Just seeing this polka dot number makes me smile and instantly takes me back to running barefoot up to her house for a meal fresh from the garden.

I wanted my wardrobe to feel the spirit of living and happiness. (Clarks boots from my birthday loot blog)

On the weekend, my mother in law wanted the family to get together for my birthday for her infamous spaghetti and meatballs. I walked in and was amazed at how much work she had put into the party.

Family was there… even part of the zoo was there….












The food was MMMMmmmmmmmGood!!!!

There was plenty of entertainment:







And then there was cake. My mother in law made my favorite cake, carrot cake, home made. She had even done a trial run cake earlier in the week.

























There is so much gratitude to be given for all the people in my life. And I am especially thankful to my mother in love, who put in a lot of time, effort and hard work into making this year special. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had a party like that and you made me feel like a kid again.

This has been a year of rehabilitation, both for my hip and my soul. I used to be anxious and afraid. But as time passes, I slip into age like that perfect silk robe that will always fit you perfectly. My creeping wrinkles keep on creeping but I like to think it’s from smiling so much. I have no problem with that. Without God’s goodness, I could have had a nervous breakdown with all that I’ve been through. I couldn’t even walk this time last year. The fact that I am mobile is the goodness of God. The fact that I have support from the ones who care, the occurrence of a small beautiful moment that helps me appreciate the uniqueness of the world– that’s the God of the universe breathing life into my soul. Today, I see grace in the simpler things. Saturated light and colors. A good long slow rain. The feel of fall. Ice water in a mason jar. The first smiles and wags of tails in the morning as my furry friends await breakfast. A nudge on the hand or a lick on the face. The steady sound of my husband breathing. My own breath as I dive into moments.

I’m here. Standing like a skyscraper. Alive. May life never be taken for granted.

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