no warrior left behind.

I didn’t think that I would like the movie ‘Warrior’ but I’ve heard a lot of Oscar buzz hype regarding Nick Nolte’s performance. Plus, I owed it to my husband for making him see ‘How Do You Know’ with Reese Witherspoon (trust me, you didn’t want to know). Not only did Nolte hit beautiful notes on both emotional restraint and outbursts, the rest of the cast did an exceptional job as well. To me, this movie wasn’t as stimulating as ‘The Fighter’. It was missing an edge that only David Russell’s genius artistic directing skills can master. Christian Bale’s performance in ‘The Fighter’ is one of the best supporting roles of all time in my opinion. But this isn’t just a movie review.

This movie touched me in a way that ‘The Fighter’ couldn’t. Tom Hardy, who plays a former Marine, portrays an individual suffering from PTSD. Not once in the entire movie is PTSD mentioned but Hardy gave a heart-wrenching performance and you could see the pain and rage in his eyes. I immediately thought of a friend who was honorably discharged from a secret squirrel combat job. He and I used to go to lunch together, sing 80’s songs at the top of our lungs with the windows rolled down, support one another because we were both wanting more out of life, and we would pick apart each other’s girlfriend/boyfriend. I’m so glad that he got to meet my husband before he left for the other side of the world. I’ll never forget telling him that if he ever gets lonely, just to look up at the moon and stars and realize that his friends and loved ones were looking at the same moon and sky. He laughed and said, “Good one master poet Jamie, I’ll have to feed that one to my girlfriend.” He called me last year and told me that he had one last deployment and then he was getting out and he wanted me to come to his wedding. Yes, he was engaged and I was so happy for him.

That was the last time we talked. To my friend, if you are reading this, please know that I still pray for you every night. My husband and I miss your laugh. I miss your voice. I miss having lunch talks over coffee. I know you must have seen some things that no human being should ever have to experience. Sometimes there simply are no words and that is alright. Please know that I’m still under the same sky, waiting. –Your forever friend.

I’ve been dreaming a lot about a cruise ship lately. It’s docked. In this recurring dream, I go on this ship but don’t know where to go. I think that this is God telling me that it is time to pick a direction. I often get passionate about ideas and then never follow through. Plenty of ideas, not much organization. I’m going to take my road trip, re-connect with loved ones, get my spirit stronger, and pick a direction. I have a feeling it will be to the VA hospital. To visit the mecca of warriors.

Let’s be a little nicer to people. Everyone is fighting a battle and we have no apprehension of their circumstances.


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