you can be the best looking

it will not matter if you are broken

you can think useful thoughts

it will not count if they are never spoken

you can pump yourself with fake

but we are tired of dumb b*tches

while they take and take and take

we will be busy building bridges

you can lose yourself in the stars

it will not count if you are not grounded

you can hate instead of love

but in our generation it is unfounded

we are here for a makeover of the mind

a makeover of the soul

tired of closed minds

left or right

black or white

and the wealthy on cruise control

we believe in equality for all

grass roots and urban sprawl

everyone has a voice

everyone has a say

but it is the problem solvers

that will give America a new day

we were chosen

it is time to rearrange

the revolution is here

and the revolution is change.


words copyrighted bellavitabyjamie


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