for the love of the future.

All generations rebel against the domineering attitudes of the society in which they come of age and diversify cultural norms. Adults tend to point fingers at the current kids for their own offensive media, but think about this: often, it is the thirty year olds who write it, the  fifty year olds who produce it, and the seventy year olds whose portfolio’s profit from the trash! Today’s younger culture is filled with dialogue and pictures that are offensive to most adults. It sure doesn’t stop the adult producers from making (and hoarding) profits. I’m here to tell you that the younger gens find it offensive too! They just go along with it is because for the time being, they have to. But just you wait.

“The only positive outcome of this continuing crisis is a clear and dramatic demonstration of what happens to a country when a privileged few decide to take what they can get and let the rest of us be damned. Our founders knew that if we didn’t all hang together then we would hang separately. The Millennials know this and they are using the technological innovations of the past 20 years to transform themselves and the country, binding us together as never before.” – the TRUTH

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For those of you who fear for the future, fear not. Something is happening here. A shift is about to take place. This nation will be turned around if we work together!!! I am not affiliated with a party and will probably remain that way but do not doubt that my vote will be made in 2012. Please be educated on your representatives’ policies and promises, then voice your own opinion and be heard! Twitter to the reps and let them know what you think. Make a funny youtube video. Technology is here and it’s not going away. Be heard.


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