Hangin’ with Corndog

Jeanette and I have been friends for a decade. We’ve laughed together, cried together and celebrated together. Neither of us will ever lose our friendship. Besides, we can’t. If one of us runs for office, we definitely need to be on each other’s good side. Here’s a pic that I got her years ago when we were going through another transition. It still hangs on her wall!

Little Corbin is Jeanette’s womb mate. I couldn’t be in another state when he was born because I was in physical therapy for my hip. I just got to meet him and I am so in love.

Balance a blue duck on your head if you love Jamie!!!!!!!!

Tonight, Corbin was inconsolable. We think he is teething. I took him to his nursery, put on a chill playlist and we danced to this song:

He fell asleep in the nape of my neck. He’s got me wrapped around his little fingers. I’m going to miss him. Lil C- I will always be your cheerleader. And I will love you forever. I know I am going to cry tomorrow when I say goodbye. But I suppose people part just to meet again. I hope that your spirit is as wild and free as your Aunt Jamie’s.

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
Some trails are happy ones,
Others are blue.
It’s the way you ride the trail that counts,
Here’s a happy one for you.
~Dale Evans

I wish everyone peace, love and contentment.

Love you Corbin!

–BV– Jamie


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