ashleigh stone is an amazing rock star. bet.

photography and makeup by bellavitabyjamie



…just a best friend and Blue October in motha effing Vegas below. No biggie. Proud of you Ashleigh Stone. Not just of your accomplishments, but for your soul. You’ve brought a lot of light into my life!!! In a way, you helped wake me up. You woke up the artist in myself that I had been suppressing. Even if we were homeless and under a bridge, we would still be friends and have the most funky cardboard box houses in the city!!! love you! Now set that sh*t on blast!

Ashleigh and I wrote a song together in New Orleans on our Thelma and Louisiana trip. I’ll post the song soon!




Ashleigh has an AMAZING band and here is their new video (check her mad piano skills):

You can listen and buy her music by clicking here. Please support them! These people are not just another band, they truly are masters of the instruments they play. Detuned is my personal fav but that’s because I’m a country bumpkin!!

Blue October’s album is out now! Click here to listen or buy!


Your Two Cents HERE!!!!

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