a drinking town with a music problem

Nashville is always a comfort to me. The people, the places, the dreams linger in the air and in the hills.

 You must try the watermelon BBQ ribs here on Tuesdays and Thursdays! And the biscuits.

Slap yo mama good.

To my great advantage, my brother lives in Nashville. He has interviewed artists ranging from Stevie Nicks to (my personal favorite) Buddy Guy to U2 to the Foo Fighters to Willie Nelson. I could go on and on but here’s the point to take away: my brother is pretty much a genius when it comes to writing. Like he makes me appear to be on a second grade level. He was reading the newspaper by age three. I admire him for his intellect. He knows more about The Beatles than, well, The Beatles. Check his blog by CLICKING HERE. You can view the contribution to his baby by CLICKING HERE. He was smart enough to marry the most hipster wife and sister in law ever! Katie’s website is amazing and we have common interests. Like health and makeup and education. Click here for her insightful website! Here are some pics from the land of music notes and blue bird dreams. Much love. =)    –BV–J.


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