soul refreshing.

People from Detroit or Houston or wherever might feel this same way, but I must say there is something distinctly soothing for the soul in the Appalachian mountains. Especially in Autumn, my heart soars. I feel so cozy, comfortable and happy. In curves and the smell of wet leaves. In giving deer the right of way instead of honking at a busy intersection. In remembering to stop and smell the last blooming roses.





<—– self portrait on f/22!!!!






Even when I got a warning shot for trespassing (I was taking pics of a tobacco barn which will be posted later), I felt like the coolest motherf***er alive. I was in the Appaeffinglachians. Where there really aren’t any rules and the people are wild. Besides some of the religious and cultural differences, it’s my kind of place.**



**sometimes I curse. I joined the military to drink and curse and when I was honorably discharged I only dropped the drinking part.


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