well it happened.

I was debating posting this but I think it’s a good thing to bring to light one time and one time only in my blogosphere. I got my first hater comment which I am not divulging because it was simply mean. My heart was pounding as I read the cutting words. At first all I felt was emotion. Then I looked at the facts. I want to connect with other people. I rarely write anything negative. I am generally enthusiastic about life and music and art. Why did I let that person rob ten seconds of my life? When my heart was pounding and anxiety was taking place, I was allowing someone else to have power over my well being. This is what anger does. Anger stems from hurt. Hurt stems from fear that I am not good enough. And that is just Unf*ckingacceptable.

Running in a rat race still makes one a rat. I don’t feel like I am above or below anyone else on this planet and there is no need to figure out the comment. Maybe that person feels great with pride or crappy because of remorse but that is none of my business. I am my own business, and I have no business blocking my Given light.

Why can’t we all just get along?



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  1. Roni Eulo said:

    Wow Jamie, I’m sorry your feelings were hurt even for a second. But you handled it exactly as I expect someone as mature and good natured as I know you are. Don’t sweat the haters…send them my way and I’ll kick their ass. 😉
    I love you and I honestly don’t know what would make anyone have one bad thing to say to you. Their problems. Really – they have issues.
    Proud of you. *hugs*

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