just try it. once.

close your eyes and just listen to the music.

to me, life is a symphony. it’s meant to be enjoyed in the moment. it’s not supposed to lead up to some dramatic ending. it’s all the small moments. to simplify your life takes a lot of diligence.

now, just try it… listen to each moment. enjoy each instrument and its unique sound.

you just did a form of meditation! this does not mean that you don’t believe in Jesus or God. i define it as letting go and being with God. in peace. you aren’t stuck in the past with all of its tragedies nor fixed anxiously on the future. you are just enjoying the moment that Life has given you. you are meant to be happy.

now, try this when doing the dishes or laundry, writing a paper or doing that spreadsheet at work. study what you are doing and the quality of your work- only focus on what you are doing. these simple changes can transform your life.


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