Colleen and CarrieAnne Photoshoot

Colleen and I were BFFs in high school and now she is a teacher there! My how life comes full circle. I’m honestly exhausted between running all over Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia + I wore my trackpad out on my mac because I am a habitual photoshopper. Sorry this is late Colleen. I will post the pics of TWHS later. Just know that you are an extraordinary teacher and human being. Those kids are lucky to have you as a mentor and leader.

Colleen and her daughter, CarrieAnne, met me at a park that is across the highway from where I grew up. It was midday and would have been nice to bring external lighting sources but I chose not to lug them across country. I was still pleased with the photos. Here are some highlights:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How gorgeous are these two? Colleen is still the same faithful, honest, kind-hearted and loving person that she was in high school.

Well, I am beat. Good night or good morning or good day, wherever your unique soul may be! =)

–BV– J.




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