first infant photoshoot!!!

Kena and I went to school. She is still the sweet girl that I knew in school but now she is a mama of two!!! Tucker (age 2) asked where the pretty girl went when I said goodbye to him on a chance meeting at a local Mexican restaurant. Obviously this child is a genius and is destined for greatness. The shots that I took of him were test shots for good light but he is so cute that I had to post them. Kena and I decided to do this shoot on a whim. Her little girl Baylee is about a week old!!!!!

I went to the local Clair’s store and bought bracelets that I thought would make good crowns and my friend bought the scarves as a gift. I bought the cross for my aunt, who let me borrow it along with her bowls, baskets and blankets. On the way back from the shoot, God gave me this sky:

I love those days in which I am blessed from beginning to end. Baylee was a dream child to work with besides peeing on her mother!!! =)

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!!   –BV– J.

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  1. Jennifer Schaeffer! said:

    These are sooo good Jamie! Kena and her babies are so beautiful and photogenic!

    • They are such a peaceful and loving family!!! I could feel nothing but kindness the whole time I was there!

  2. Roni Eulo said:

    Jamie, I adore these pictures!
    That little boy has the most piercing blue eyes – he’s going to be a chick magnet when he gets older!
    The picture of the baby girl in the bowl where she has her eyes open and the cross is next to her..omg, beautiful!!!
    And great job on capturing that gorgeous sky! I love when the sky is just so gorgeous you feel almost compelled to snap a pic of it before it changes.
    Great job, Jamie!

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