i love walking down memory lane and running into you

Colleen, a high school bff, is now a teacher at Thomas Walker High School (we had under 40 people in our graduating class). Colleen gracefully accompanied me in the school and allowed me to take pictures. It was amazing and a little scary that almost nothing had changed. Colleen also took me to a football game where I met up with old classmates and had a blast!! TWHS beat Rye Cove that night. Then some TWHS alumni stayed behind to pray and have cupcakes.

The air was so crisp that night. The stars were out and it felt exactly the way it felt when I was in high school- like the future is mine for the taking and anything can happen. If you are an alum, I hope some of these pictures resonate with you. Thanks so much Mrs. Howard for being an inspiration and still teaching. And thanks most of all to my good ol’ friend Collywad, who remains an amazing friend and teacher. Go ENGLISH department!!! You guys don’t get enough credit and you are the soul of education.  =)

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I didn’t watermark any of the photos. If you know some of these people, please share this blog and they can right click and save any picture.

Much love to you on this chilly autumn Sunday.

–BV– J.

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  1. Aunt Ashley said:

    I love this! Ms. Howard has always been my favorite. Thanks for posting.

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