the girl with the pearl earrings.

The gorgeous Jamie McConnell from Made With Love surprised me with a pair of stunning earrings through a random drawing. silver. pearls. handmade. with love. =)  Click here to see the work of Jamie. I love these earrings because I can mix and match them with any metal tone and they look great. Today I paired the earrings with a jean jacket, v-neck t-shirt, long jersey skirt and tan suede boots. I love mixing textures in fall!

So sweet of Jamie and I feel fabulous today!! Emily Dickens wrote, “The poet lights the light and fades away. But the light goes on and on”.

Shine on lovelies. Share your lovely light today. You look better that way!

–BV– J.

Sir Cocoa thinks you are awesome!!

1 comment
  1. Roni Eulo said:

    Those earrings are gorgeous!!!!
    I love Emily Dickens quotes. This one is perfect.
    You and Sir Cocoa look soooo adorbs!!! This picture actually makes me giggle with delight. Sir Cocoa seems like the sweetest pooch. 🙂

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