After a decade of being a Scroogette, I’m in the Christmas spirit in 2011!!! There will be around twenty people gathered at my house this Christmas so I’ve already started getting my craft on with my bff this weekend! She showed me how to make some rad bling ornaments with Styrofoam, push pins, beads, sequins and ribbon. We also set up the Dept. 56 Snow Village (captures Christmas in the 50’s era). Snapped a few pics. Will post more later as the decorating progresses.

P.S. Michael’s was INSANE today.

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  1. Roni Eulo said:

    OMG I love the 50’s snow village with the diner, old taxi and pink convertible!!! I’m dying over this. I need to head over to Michael’s soon! Hopefully it’s not as chaotic as your store. :/

  2. V.- These are a mix of Department 56 Snow VIllage and Michael’s accessories. Unfortch, the Dept. 56 is expensive. I grew up with an aunt who let us play with her Dept. 56 Village and was willing to make the investment. However, the accessories are pretty cheap at Michael’s. I bought their trees and a few battery operated lights for about $20. Here’s a Snow Village link. http://www.christmas-treasures.com/department56/snow_village/snowvillage.htm

  3. E. said:

    J., your village looks amazing!! Mom will be so proud. You’ve inspired me to get in the spirit. I love the trees with the ornaments and gold tinsel (did you get those at Michael’s?). You have to post or send more pics sometime, including of your tree and other decorations. Love you!!

    • E.- The trees with ornaments came from Michaels. I got really thin wired ribbon and wrapped some trees with it. Gives the Village a fun vibe. I will post more pics soon. I was up late decorating. Love you. –J.

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