nailed it

I’m working on my impatience. Yesterday, I spilled an entire box of nails, screws and pins. Like when Ralphie dropped the screws in A Christmas Story, the falling nails went flying in slow motion as I admittingly screamed, “fuuuuudge”. Only I said the Holy Grail of curse words. The F dash dash dash word. I was soooooo pissed. Why had this happened to me when I had other things to do?

Then I separated myself from the emotion of anger. Instead, I chose to view the hundreds of nails, screws and pins on the floor as an opportunity. Instead of thinking about how mad I was, I focused on the quality of my work as I put each piece in its rightful place. I caught my mind wandering twice but identified the thoughts and went back to being mindful.

This, my friends, is the practice of peace.

peace by piece if you will.

20111126-082207.jpgThis pic was taken with the new iPhone and was not edited. In fact, this whole post was done with my phone. Impressive.

1 comment
  1. Roni Eulo said:

    I don’t think patience is something I’ll ever fully have….like not even half have. I’ve come to terms with it. 🙂

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