that perfect red lipstick

I felt a little holiday, a little jessica rabbit (if she had a ‘fro) and a little rock and roll today. I’ve gone through so many red lipsticks and was about to give up until I found this…

*que the heavenly Ahhhhhh sound and part the heavens*

Revlon Really Red matte lipstick


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick


Really Red


Matte but not too dry for that classic look.

I want to marry this lipstick. It’s so Monroe. Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen My Week with Marilyn yet, please go because Michelle Williams is out of this freakin’ world in that movie.



Here’s some tips with wearing red lipstick: First of all, exfoliate those puckers so the lipstick will go on and stay on more smoothly!!!! Don’t have a lip exfoliator? Whip out your toothbrush, put honey on it + some course brown sugar and buff those babies out. They will feel great (taste great too)! Dab concealer around lips and blend in. You’re supposed to wear lipliner but I never do. If you do wear lipliner, please do us all a favor and go neutral. Don’t try to drastically line outside of your lips- you’re definitely not fooling me. I have relatively thin lips and this does not deter me one bit. Work with what God gave ya girl! You are beautiful! I apply the lipstick from the tube but you can use a lip brush if you wish to do so. Use a translucent powder (I used Makeup Forever’s high definition powder) to set the lipstick by LIGHTLY dabbing with a fan brush (or any brush that works for you). Please, for the love of the Laaaaawd, do not do any other heavy makeup unless you want to look floosylicious or like you washed up on the Jersey shore. I wore Clinique Even Better foundation, dusted my eyes with a pale white eyeshadow, tight lined my eyes with Laura Mercier (review at ) and only put mascara on my top lashes. Also, I used a little bit of Nars bronzer in Laguna and blush in Orgasm to contour.

One more thing- weight doesn’t matter. I am heavier now than I have ever been and it doesn’t deter me one bit from wearing something bold. Own the skin you are in. You are meant to be the size you are now. You may not be meant to be that size forever, but life is happening RIGHT NOW. Why not wear red lipstick?

Go get your beautiful on!! Your red may be a different color. If so, please post your favorite color in a comment!!! I love investigating all makeup. It’s all so interesting to me.

Happy holidays to all you Christmas hotties!!!


  1. Katie N. said:

    Rock those red lips, girl! You look fabulous! I have heard so many raves for this lipstick. I need to try it. I like L’Oreal’s long-wearing version in Beyonce’s Red. It’s one of those two-step jobs with a balm on top, but it lasted through a glass of wine and still looked perfect the next morning!

    • I will try it Katie! Thanks sweetie. This lipstick is totally beautiful and won’t break the bank!

  2. Roni Eulo said:

    Great red on you!! And thanks for all the makeup tips – I know NOTHING about makeup. However, I am obsessed with lipsticks and one that I found to be absolutely GORG and stays on allllll day, is Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Eternal. That color is fierce! It’s a mix of red and fuschia, so basically it RULES the school. You should try it. 🙂

  3. Anonymous said:

    Jamie! I miss ya girl! The red looks fab! And I didn’t know you lived in Houston now! All my fam lives there!


    • I’ve missed you! You look so beautiful! Come to Houston and let’s have a photo sesh!

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