how tall am i? with hair, heels and spirit i’m through this damned roof.

Pandora knows me better than my husband and I can’t get enough of the India Arie channel today. She is wise beyond her years. This song was the first that I heard today and it lifted me up. I found an old Barbie high heel cleaning while listening to this song and got the idea to take a pic and add a quote for the world to steal!!!

click on picture to see the detail of this close up!!!

When I was little, I couldn’t wait to grow up. Now I am creeping up on 30 and another year is upon us and I see the crow’s feet marching across my face. But when I look in the mirror, do you know what I make myself think about if I see flaws? All the people who never got the chance to see wrinkles or large pores or spider veins or whatever is a natural part of the aging process. Although this pink high heel is worn and flawed, it is still beautiful in its own right, for it reminds me that I was given this day to live in grace and acceptance.


  1. Roni Eulo said:


  2. Elizabeth said:

    I love this post. So true, it is a privilege to grow old. I love photo and quote,too. I can’t believe you found a Barbie heel cleaning.

    • Elizabeth, Mom got around to unpacking boxes of old toys that I didn’t even know that I had in my possession while she was here. There’s my American Girl, Barbies, porcelain dolls (which are a little creepy to be honest with you), a doll bed that Papaw made, and of course, my beloved Teddy. Mom was just going on and on about my childhood. It was really sweet of her- she took such great care of everything and treated each toy as royalty as she cleaned each item meticulously. But she missed a heel and I stepped on it today.

      I can’t throw away this heel. When my hands were less than half this size, they were holding that heel. I don’t know where it’s match is but I am going to keep the single heel in my makeup case as a reminder that old can still be BOLD!!!!! MISS YOU!

  3. Anonymous said:

    Great blog, my kindred! Love it, and love you.

  4. You are so very right! We should view growing old as a privilege, because not growing old means you are not living at all! I’ll take growing old over dead any day! And you, my dear, only get more beautiful with age……true story!! Love you : )


    • Sara, you are so sweet and insightful! I am so blessed to have you in my life.

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