Show Monday who is boss!!!

Getting my school girl on today!! I put this look together in less than five minutes. It is an example of how clothes you already have (using them makes the earth happy) can be transformed with one new piece. The new piece that I bought is this cute scarf from A. Eagle (I actually got it at T.J. Maxx) for less than $10. The skirt is from Old Navy, shirt + cardi from Forever 21 (yes, I shopped there in my clubbing days but some of the clothes were salvageable) shoes are Clarks and the socks belong to my husband. J. Crew has the cutest striped socks. I buy them for my husband just so I can wear them. They also make for great stocking stuffers. American Apparel also has quality socks. I can be a really thrifty person, but even I can admit that you get what you pay for in the dress sock dept.

You don’t have to go broke to look good. Speaking of looking good, you are looking exceptionally fabulous today!!!


When you feel good, things just flow better. Your day goes better. If someone is snotty to you, you might choose to ignore it instead of letting it alter your good mood. Don’t neglect your well being this holiday season. Take some time to be at the center of yourself so you can spread true peace throughout the world. Much love good lookins!!!!



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