family photoshoots don’t have to suck

I love my job!!!!!!!!

Some photographers view family portraits as the cleaning toilets of photography. I let this intimidate me when attending a gallery showing with other photographers. One lady had her iPad out and was showing everyone her pics from following around President Obama. She stopped, looked at me and asked what I did when I asked her a technical question. I told her that I did family portraits and weddings. She scoffed. I smiled and backed away from the arrogance.

I feel so bad for her. She has no idea what she’s missing. While she is out in all the chaos between republican and democrat and nothing ever getting done, families are allowing me to get a glimpse of how much they love one another. Two little boys got to enjoy a day when someone cared enough for them to have fun and capture it– they were allowed to kick around huge ornaments at a park! Could you imagine that as a kid when you were taking portraits?? The laughter, the hugs, the smiles, the kicking off of a shoe(!) and sometimes, but not on this shoot, the tears. When you’re with me, I make sure that I capture what’s REAL. And all of my clients really are so beautiful.

Susie + Anthony and their family are especially unique and wonderful friends. Susie is a wizard in the kitchen and I have a lot to learn from her. Anthony is a physics nerd like my husband except he can manipulate his children with it! Their two kiddos are so much energy and trouble but that’s exactly what I love about them. They managed to break a couple of ornaments but I didn’t care. The pictures were totally worth it. And what is life if you obsess over stuff anyway? Enjoy a few pics of this beautiful family. I didn’t want to post the best of the best- a family has got to keep their Christmas card pic a secret.

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  1. Roni Eulo said:

    Aww I love these pics, Jamie. And you really are blessed with a job that reflects your loving nature. That woman was an idiot and you are so right about her being the one missing out on the fun you have with your clients! I bet they all adore you.

  2. Naveeka said:

    Great pictures! A good photographer,in my view, is not the one who can show good photographs,bur the one who captures a very memorable moment.:) and I can see some of those here.
    Good luck!

  3. Outstanding photos Jamie! You did a tremendous job! Thanks for sharing them with us. Now, get out there and take some more. I am anxious to see some more of your mojo!

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