fill me up with love.

press play to hear my favorite Christmas song.

Here’s some Christmas decorations! I went to Target the day after Christmas last year and got everything for a steal. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve actually started using more color. I like for everything to feel vibrant and alive. I’m going to photograph my prized Christmas collection, the Snow Village, and blog about it next.

I love this DMB song because Dave himself said he was a big fan of Jesus Christ. In my humble opinion, this song is a  reminder to Christians that the point of religion should be love. And it’s just so lovely. What’s your favorite Christmas song?

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  1. Elizabeth said:

    Love this song, J. Not sure of my favorite song, but I always have to watch Muppet Christmas Carol. Your decorations are beautiful.

    • Muppet Christmas Carol RULES! I wanna watch the new Muppet movie.

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