the busy hum.

Today I went exploring with my husband. He is a wonderful photographer and has a sense of adventure like I do. We were planning on going to Big Bend Nat. Park but decided to put that off until next year with all the preparation for Christmas. So we went downtown and just wandered. Have you ever done this in a city? It’s so much fun. I wanted to use a lens that I haven’t used in awhile and that I knew would be a bit of a challenge in low light.

I used a $60 lensbaby 2.0 lens, which is pretty much archaic. This lens is such a pain in the bootwah to use and looks like an accordion but that’s why I love it. Overall, I was very pleased with the feel of the photos. I feel like the lens did Houston justice by reflecting the pace in the city as a fleeting blur. I hope you enjoy them (full slideshow below)! My personal fav was this one:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please don’t forget, that junk under the bridge (with a path next to it) is someone’s bed tonight and what is leftovers to some is a much needed meal for others. Just remember the poor. That won’t cost you a dime! The greatest poverty of all is to be unloved and unwanted. Remedy this by spreading kind words and smiles! Again, it’s free! Much love.




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