oh my i’ve missed you

it’s been awhile. cooked for 30(!) people and pulled it off without a hitch! pics to come. but i have a confession to make: last night and on CHRISTmas day, i almost murdered my dingo. cheyenne the dingo got sedated with the rest of the dogs because so many people were in and out of the house. the sedation didn’t effect foxy roxy because she is like a ferret on meth no matter what. cocoa is a tibetan monk and drugs can’t penetrate his soul. so they got caged together. but not dingo.

cheyenne was on the floor, her body limp, her eyes rolled back in her head, tongue hanging out. she looked dead but was breathing really shallow. i cried to my cousin, called my husband in the back bedroom where we were with the dogs. never mind i had 10 different desserts to arrange, 10 lbs. of carrots to glaze and 70 rolls to bake.

dingo made it through. she peed through a comforter she was lying on and was shivering and cold to the touch. we wrapped her up in towels and blankets and tried to give her bread throughout the night. initially, cheyenne’s throat muscles weren’t working. i knew she would live when she almost bit my finger to down some bread. i went outside and announced to my fam: IT’S A MIRACLE! Dingo LIVES!

*the crowd goes wild*

here’s a pic from last night. she was pitiful. the pic of her on the couch was how she looked today- still drugged. I forgot that dingo has a bad heart and cushings disease.



oops. thanks for pulling through once again Jesus. you let dingo live to torture me and keep me humble for another day.


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