pruning season.

Day 1 of 365+1 project: a picture a day for a year.

Droughts bring out desperation in the weary. Somehow an animal broke into a screened in area and stole the veggies and herbs from my mini-garden. The arugula didn’t make it. The broccoli is dunzo. I thought my basil was too until I noticed something small on the bare stalks. Small, delicate and determined buds.


Sometimes events occur that strip us of things that we’d rather hang on to, and we were taught that we needed, in order for life to be complete- like the ‘family’ that you envisioned you’d have by now, or degrees, the specific house or car, or paycheck. Maybe the things that you hold onto are simply expectations. We tend to get extremely disappointed when old perceptions do not come to fruition like we imagined them to or when people don’t live up to the expectations that we set for them. But life is not for quitters and you were not placed here to figure out how your tiny thread of life perfectly fits into the tapestry of the Universe.  (hint: you’re not supposed to know)

Instead of dying out when it was stripped of everything, the sweet basil didn’t give up. It decided to try again. It saw no use in pointing fingers or placing blame. It didn’t get revenge by retalliation because that is never the point. The basil, like any living being, does what it knows to do instinctively-grow.

Don’t let anything get you down and talk defeat. Who knows, maybe what you thought you should seek actually was chains on your feet. Let it go. Shake off the old. Accept deviations. Make adjustments. Stay open to suggestions. Follow what you know is right- not anxious thoughts. Grow anyway. Evolve. Don’t be afraid because you hold inside you the equipment to handle whatever the future brings into your life. Accept that not every single person or material thing is meant to be permanent– maybe that thing or person was designed to stay in your life for a season. Maybe something came into your life for the sole purpose to strip you down so you can grow again. When the season is gone and we attempt to keep anything like it was or hold on, we compromise the promise of the future. Don’t deny yourself fruit by refusing to be pruned.

You know I believe in you and will always be your cheerleader and think you are awesome every single day! If you feel bad about yourself, come get behind my lens. I’ll show you what you’ve been missing. May your year be filled with grace and love.


  1. tshang said:

    That was just the pep talk I needed to hear today. Thank you for such a beautifully moving first post of the year. I cannot wait to see what you bring to us every day this year.

    I am also participating in Project 365 for 2012 (Photograph and share the story of a Veteran a Day).

    I have added you to my blogroll and look forward to watching your blog all year long. =)


    • So nice to meet you Tina! I can’t wait to see your work as well. Let’s cheer each other along in 2012!

    • Forgot to mention Tina, I am also a veteran (was active duty for 9 years) so I greatly admire your project!!

  2. Roni Eulo said:

    Oh, Jamie, how I LOVE your words of wisdom that you never seem to run out of. You are SUCH a talented writer with such a pure soul. I really really am always so inspired by you.
    This was just so perfect to hear. Especially the part about the family I envisioned that I would have by now. That really spoke to me.
    Love you! Thank you for being you.

  3. Thanks so much V. Spirit recognized spirit. I keep getting pressure to have a kid and I just am not feeling it right now. What if I choose to travel the world? What if I don’t want to love one soul more than all the others? What if I choose to live a life where everything is equal? Well that’s alright too. And you are fabulous no matter what you choose to do.

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