togetherness: the greatest gift of all

Can we discuss how much I love Texas and all the people in it? Yeah, my life here rules. Like how I get to capture a family as awesome as Brett, Debbie, Andrew, Chloe, and J.D. This family is so photogenic!!! Little J.D. was a firecracker and specifically loved the camera! Kids can be difficult to work with at times but J.D. helped me out a lot! Here are a few teaser shots- there were so many good ones it was difficult to pick just a few! Hope you enjoy them and I’ll have the (sans-watermarking) picture disc to you soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the way, I LOVED your outfits!


Miss Chloe, I have not forgotten about future endeavors for a fashion shoot. With those eyes, it would be an injustice to not capture them!

Call me guuurl!!!








  1. Roni Eulo said:

    Hooray for Texas love! I’m glad you’re enjoying your time there, Jamie. You are totally a Texan in my books.

    Fabulous pictures, as usual. They are beautiful and the little girl is too pretty!

    I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve and all that jazz. 🙂

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