small actions+lots of people = BIG CHANGE

Day 2 of 365+1.

In 2012, it’s totally acceptable to draw attention to yourself by hearing, speaking and seeing evil- and then spreading it around because messiness loves more messiness.

Be a rebel.

Trade love for hate, include the excluded and learn to admit “I was wrong” or “I am sorry” when pride gets in the way. It is possible to protect oneself while respecting others. You’re smart enough, resilient enough and creative enough to follow-through and do what you are uniquely inspired to do in a thoughtful and peaceful manner.

I plan on going back to this blog to keep myself in check when I feel like smacking the shizzo out of someone! =D

Hugs, not thugs.


  1. Great post Jamie. I am looking forward to this year’s 365 from you. Keep them coming!

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