he whips his hair back and forth.

Day 7 of 365+1: a picture a day for a year.

His Holiness the Dalai Cocoa is a Tibetan Terrier. He will turn nine years old this year. When my mother rescued him, Cocoa had been running wild in the woods. His hair was so matted that he had to be shaved. My mom picked over 50 ticks off him. Then he got Parvo and barely pulled through. Cocoa gives me high fives everyday. He has jumped up on the bed when I was crying and tried to lick away my tears. He’s Tibetan. Of course he’s peaceful.

This picture is of Sir Cocoa on the way to the market. I left him in the car and went shopping. As we were exiting the market parking lot, a little boy wrapped in his dad’s arms (because the little boy’s teddy bear sat safely buckled in the shopping cart) exclaimed, “Daddy! LOOK! A puppy! He’s SO CUTE!!!” We slowed down and Cocoa blessed the little boy with happiness.

Some people end up sitting around in front of a backlit box all day thinking that life goes on forever. I am thankful that Cocoa is here to remind me that life takes place by getting out there in the world, rolling down the window and displaying the unique ability to see the beauty in every moment (besides the incident when he urinated on my ex). I’ve found that the first-rate soul models are the ones that want the very best for you too. So here’s to all the pets that make our lives brighter!!!



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