tornadoes.floods.oh my.

Weird day. This is some crazy weather for January. I took this picture while standing in my garage. I went inside and soon after the garage got some water too. Thank goodness the water didn’t make it into the house.

My husband was out on the streets and couldn’t get through to me on his cell phone. I was so worried. When a text came through from him stating that he was fine, I was so relieved. My life doesn’t work without him.

My husband recorded a video while he was stranded in the city of Houston. It took him over three hours to get home and he was merely a mile away from our house.

Both my husband and his car made it home unscathed. Hug a loved one tonight!!!!!!! And thank a loved one for all that person does for your soul.






1 comment
  1. Roni Eulo said:

    This seriously brought tears to my eyes (the video). wow. I’m gonna have to share this video and post about it.

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