planes take off against the wind.

Day 22 of 365+1: a picture a day for a year.

Have you ever been angry at God because you feel at your wit’s end? I have. Sometimes life gets so out of control that it feels like good times will never come.

Whatever has happened to you, it was not an accident. You might not understand it but don’t get bitter. Don’t fall apart or feel like you can’t handle any situation. Get your thoughts in order. Quit trying to steer yourself in the storm. Lay down your sails. It will not happen your way. There comes a time when you’ve done everything you can. Don’t lose sleep. Don’t dread your troubles. The plan for your life will not be stopped by a storm, a bad break, an altercation.

The same wind that blows against you will propel you forward. Rise above the negative. Let the winds lift you above the storm and you will go places you never thought possible.

This is what I learned from Joel Osteen’s message today. So refreshing!



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