iphone macro is whacko.

Day 33 of 365+1: a picture a day for a year.

My husband bought me a pretty cool gift. It’s an easy-macro accessory for my iPhone 4s. It’s basically a magnifying glass on a rubber band to take close-ups of stuff. The rubber band fits on a credit card and can conveniently be stored in a wallet! The rubber band covers up the phone flash and you can easily  cast a shadow on the subject because you have to get so close to the subject. A shadow means less light. Less light means that the camera will have trouble focusing.


For this shot to work, I balanced the phone on a flower pot and took the shot from below so the subject stayed lit. You could light your subject with another light source using the other hand but that might be a pain. Otherwise, plan on using angles to keep the subject lit. If you want to explore macro photography before buying a $300+ macro lens, not to mention a camera body, this nifty tool will set you back $15… but you better have a steady hand!!!! To me, it’s fun and worth the money.

You can view this item by clicking HERE.

Cheers my dears!!!



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