scared sweet girl.

Day 83 of 365+1: a picture a day for a year.

Cheyenne (famously known as Dingo) can’t walk straight anymore. I feel terrible for her. When I initially noticed her limp, I took a video to show my cousin who is a vet tech (it’s WAY more efficient than verbally describing the limp). After replaying this video, my husband and I decided to go ahead and take Cheyenne to the emergency vet. Here is the video (I am admittedly not the best videographer):

At the emergency clinic, I laid down Chey’s doggie bed for comfort and sat next to her while my husband filled out paperwork:

Poor dingo.


On top of her cataracts, incontinence and Cushing’s disease, today we found out that Chey’s elbows (her shoulders are strangely normal) have degenerative joint disease and are now bone on bone. The vet said that Chey’s elbows were some of the worst he has seen. There’s really nothing to do but we aren’t going to put her down, just yet anyway.

I have many emotions that I am feeling now and I honestly don’t feel like much more that I type will be authentic because I am drained. Just please keep us in your positive thoughts and prayers and hopefully we will be rested and better tomorrow. Much love june bugs.



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