get your hands dirty. week two.

Day 89 of 365+1: a picture a day for a year.

Week two of my pottery class.

The picture that I am choosing for my pic of the day is something I am really proud of. I learned how to make a pincher pitcher in pottery class. I wanted a pitcher instead of a vase because it can be used for creamer, gravy or a vase- triple threat. I stayed a little later so the teacher could show me how to make one side higher than the other and then pinch the clay to make the spout. I can’t wait to learn how to put a handle on it next week.

But wait, there’s more!!!!!

A dip bowl!!!

Coffee mug for my hubs.

The three in the front are mine.

Last week, I was a little intimidated. This week I just relaxed and let the clay talk to me. I didn’t try to overwork it or fight it and I felt a lot better about my work. I’ll post pics of all my work when I get them back to glaze and fire.

Hope your day is lovely. It’s storming and flooding here in Houston so I am VERY thankful I left class before the weather poured in….

Until tomorrow–


  1. Cissy said:

    Congrats on your stuff! Looks great! I just finished a ceramics class, and am very proud of the stuff I made too. There’s nothing like clay, huh? It’s a lot of fun. There’s pics on my Facebook if you want to see what I made.

    • That’s great Cissy! Clay is the best therapist in the world. Actually, ART is the best therapist! I will be sure to check out your work. I just love it when people create an extension of their inner self.

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