bluebonnet blooms.

Day 92 of 365+1: a picture a day for a year.

Hola lovelies!! Today I worked on my computer all day.

Ahhh, the glamour of photoshopping.

I had a photoshoot with Debbie and her son John David yesterday with some Texas bluebonnets. It’s illegal to pick bluebonnets but John David was not informed. Can five year olds get arrested? =)  I really enjoy being around Debbie. She is both soft and powerful. Practical and spiritual. Opinionated and resourceful. She feels deeply and loves fiercely. A wonderful mother and a hard worker. She knows that every tear makes a person stronger. Her appeal is that she is her own person. Respect.


A special shout out to John David the double threat: model and assistant.

Enjoy the pics!


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