please won’t you be my neighbor.

Day 97 of 365+1: a picture a day for a year.

I was walking around the neighborhood today and looking for a picture of the day opportunity. One house was for sale and I didn’t think anyone was there. The yard was all grown up but in one section of the yard, a patch of wildflowers were dancing in the wind. I had my picture. Without thinking twice, I stepped into the yard with my Canon S95 and started snapping away (shooting manual with this camera is ridiculously easy). I was snapping a few shots and then I heard a man say, “Well, this is embarrassing!!” I froze, secretly wondering if I needed to practice my bat woman ninja skills. Then he stated that the yard was overgrown and he needed to mow the grass. Turns out he inherited the house when his mother died and was fixing it up to speed up the sell. This was the house he grew up in.

I wonder what he would think if he saw what I did with this picture. I’d like to think he would be surprised. I’d like to think these ‘weeds’ were in bloom as he plucked easter eggs from the yard a half a  century ago.

  1. I’m sure these are the Mexican primroses… in the spring they do grow like weeds, but are fantastically beautiful! 🙂 What a great picture and story as well! 🙂

    • I was wondering what type of flower this is so THANK YOU for posting!!! Have a beautiful day!

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