get your hands dirty. week four.

Day 103 of 365+1: a picture a day for a year.

My picture of the day is of all my pieces before the glaze. Notice the added spoon rest and tall/skinny vase on upper left corner. I hand molded those pieces on the first week but they just got fired.

You know I have bonus pics!!!

Here is my teacher demonstrating how to dip a bowl into glaze.

The picture of the cup below the demo pic is the glaze I chose. It’s a metallic red/green. I chose to dip all of my pieces in this glaze to unify my first collection.

I only chose to dip the top of my husband’s coffee mug in black.

I chose to dip this vase in the white raku glaze which will have a crackle effect after firing. The process of Raku differs from other firing methods because the pieces are removed from the kiln at their maximum temperature. Do you like the texture on the vase? I used a doily to get the look. Really, the vase is going to be used to hold paint brushes.

After glazing, all the pieces are placed on the firing shelves again.

I have grown to love pottery. The process is so personal. No piece of pottery is the same. Tune in next week for the unveiling of the final products!

Much love shutterbugs.


  1. trophy[house]wife said:

    I heart the vase texture 🙂

    • thanks! I overworked it a bit. Can’t wait for a second try in my next class!

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