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Day 104 of 365+1: a picture a day for a year.

I took a walk with a friend today and she told me a crazy true story. One of her male friends, we’ll call him DumDum, was married to a stable woman who held an excellent job with benefits. DumDum was a recovering alcoholic and stayed sober with his wife, who often kept DumDum in check. Then DumDum got Facebook and who did DumDum start a Facebook relationship with?? His old high school flame. DumDum ended up leaving his stable wife for a girl who was obviously still stuck in high school. Did this relationship last?? Heck no- it was a hot tamale that quickly turned sour. So DumDum went back to his wife, who, get this- took him back. All was good and well until DumDum got back on Facebook and had another relationship with rotten high school tamale! DumDum left his wife for the second time and they finally got a divorce. Did DumDum make his relationship work with his hot high school slam piece?? Ummm, no, because those things rarely work out in the end. DumDum recently got pancreatic cancer and has no health insurance. Had he not ruined his life with Facebook, he would still be with his wife and wonderful medical insurance as well.

Now DumDum is very ill and lives with his mother. He’s not allowed to be treated in Houston- the medical mecca of the world- because his ex-wife took out a restraining order on him and a warrant is out for his arrest. So he self medicates by drinking himself into oblivion.

Moral of the story: don’t be a DumDum.


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