houston, we have the end of a chapter.

Day 108 of 365+1: a picture a day for a year. 

Strapped to the back of a Boeing 747, Discovery space shuttle landed in Washinton D.C. to be permanently grounded. Discovery will be placed in a newly-added wing of the Smithsonian, which my husband and I saw being built the last time we were in D.C. When NASA laid off 1000 workers last year, we were crushed. My husband’s childhood dream was to work for NASA. To rub salt in the wound, Houston isn’t getting a shuttle,  even though every astronaut that has flown in a shuttle has called Houston home. The space shuttle Endeavour is going to the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Even Manhattan is getting the Endeavor orbiter. Seattle! Why is Seattle getting anything? (ok, evidently a museum of flight) Space Center Houston, the museum down the road from Mission Control, is getting two seats from a shuttle’s flight deck. How kind. So when we watched the Discovery land today, it brought out a bit of sadness and, dare I say it, bitterness.

But we have to let all that go. Resentment, anger and negativity are only acid to our well being. So one dream landed today. All great changes are preceded with chaos and we’ve got infinite possibilities taking flight. Bet.


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