get your hands dirty. week five: graduation.

Day 110 of 365+1: a picture a day for a year.

I dedicate this picture to my husband who is intuitive and sweet enough to know that I need art to feed my soul. He surprised me with this pottery class and I am thankful.

My work came back fired today and we finished firing our raku pieces. CLICK HERE for the video and look for my tall white piece in the middle of the kiln.

Here are the final pieces, which all got the same glaze (besides the white raku glaze)!!! Crazy because they all turned out drastically different in my opinion. I did dip the rim of the mug in black which caused the feathered bleeding down the mug.

Cooking here I come! Spoon rest. This was my first project and I felt like I overworked the piece but it turned out nice and I dig the prairie primitive look.


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  1. Don’t know about the husband, but the cup is kinda cool. …sexy, wouldn;t be my word choice for a cup, but it is cool. 🙂

    • Ha! Thanks. I wanted it to be masculine. A purple mug for my hubby just ain’t gonna cut it.

      • You should give him a pink one for Christmas. Make a big deal of it, …and enjoy watching him squirm.

  2. Thank you for the amazing idea. I gag gift him and my fam all the time!!

  3. trophy[house]wife said:

    LOVE the colors inside the cereal bowl!!!!!!

      • trophy[house]wife said:

        I probably would 🙂 I will look into it once we get settled in our new location.

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