senior citizen dingo. 5.26.12.

Day 147 of 365+1: a picture a day for a year.

Cheyenne is having a rough time at the start of the ‘summer’ season. Her eyes are constantly running and she pants non-stop. Her joints are also stiff and make it difficult for her to get up. Once she gets going, she is fine but it takes longer for her to make it up off the floor.

I hope to get her through the summer. This is a picture of her lying down in the sunroom and I put on the a/c just for her. And tonight she will snore in her kennel with a fan blowing on her. And her one true love, food, is available a little too often. She’s getting fat, but I can’t deprive her of that one true love….

  1. Jessica said:

    I commend you for being such a great momma to Cheyenne! You are making every single day the best it can be for your girl, and that’s the greatest gift you can give to her!

    • You are so sweet Jessica and thank you! She chewed up a few hand-stitched quilts and had all kinds of behavioral issues and I threatened to give her up years ago. My husband wouldn’t let me and I truly commend him and Cheyenne (Dingo) for teaching me patience and unconditional love. Those are both amazing life lessons. It’s easy to give a difficult dog away, but so much more rewarding to love the dog and give it a safe and healthy home.

  2. Jen said:

    Awww! Adorable dog! Hope Cheyenne has a good summer. It is so hard watching our family pets get older.

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