Model shoot, viva las Regan!!!

Since Jason (amazing photographer friend, Click here to see his awesome work) moved to Houston, he’s demonstrated how to up my photography game with external lighting.

Jason booked the beautiful model, Regan Barwick (Time Talent Agency, LLC) and we set up a shoot by the Menil collection in Houston. I joined Jason as the second photographer on this shoot.

The very talented Lydia Lutz was a true artist with the makeup and styling. See/like her work by clicking here!!!!!

How cool is Regan’s hipster hippie vibe in this shoot?

I love her long flowing locks!









Here are the favorite shots I snapped with my camera…







This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, now that I get the science behind external lighting, plan on seeing my pocket wizards, 2xSB600s and SB900 and soft box in future shoots. Having the knowledge of external lighting will make a huge difference in a photographer’s career. If Jason ever gives lighting classes, I highly recommend any photographer to go and listen to the way he teaches- thorough, easy to understand and legit.

Art is the best, isn’t it?? It allows us to let go outside and create. Life is a big classroom and art class has always been my favorite.


1 comment
  1. Jessica said:

    These shots are so stunning! And they give off a fresh, heartwarming vibe, too! Great work, as always!

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