Here Comes the Sun.

Late last night, my hubby took me to see Savages at the new Sundance theater, downtown Houston. Being our first time at this theater, we got lost while walking and wandered into a dead end. Hanging on a Verizon Wireless Theater door was this poster. We would have missed it had we not got lost.

Here is a picture of one of Chris’ last covers which also highlighted great conversation the last time I saw him: 

Recently, I am very cautious about the places I go. About a week ago, my hubs and I went to a comedy theater, thinking good laughs were in order to help us cope with Chris’ death. Instead we sat surrounded by a sea of obnoxious drunk people (what was I thinking!?). Waste of $100 and it nearly gave me an anxiety attack.

So when my hubby asked me to go to this movie, I was really unsure. And then when I saw this poster, I was even more unsure. Thankfully, the movie theater was nearly empty. The movie was interesting and boring at the same time. And in the last scene before the credits rolled, beautiful music started to play. In the first few notes, I somehow intuitively knew what song was playing. I leaned over to my husband and whispered, “Here Comes the Sun.” It’s the same song that was played at his wedding and also played shortly after I found out he had passed. Here was the beautiful version played last night:

Overwhelmed, I cried on the ride home (my poor husband has been so patient/supportive). Grieving a dear friend is not easy, but there is no doubt that I am being shown signs. I should just embrace the Universe speaking to me– a gift from God. Even though I feel anything but, it’s Chris telling me “it’s alright.”

Get to know Chris by clicking here.

I miss you brother.

  1. Jessica said:

    You have a loving guardian angel at your side!

  2. Just popped over from I Adopted a Dog – Now what? So sorry to hear about your loss – it truly is hard to lose a loved one. My thought are with you. However, I am looking forward to following you, finding out how you are coping and seeing all your fabulous photographs.

    • You are too sweet! So nice to meet you and may many blessings come your way!

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