no woman no cry – everything’s gonna be alright –

Hello friends! I’ve missed you and know it’s been awhile so here is quick update.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

I moved to the Texas country and choose to spend almost all of my free time on the front and back porch. I feel like I’m in a great creative thinking phase and already have some new ideas to implement into my brand. My father is here and getting settled in. He loves his new doctors and seems to be at peace in the country. He picked out a beautiful color of pale robin’s egg blue-green and the paint looks beautiful on the wall, framing the beautiful view. I have also painted my master closet and bathroom. Next on the list is refinishing tile and painting kitchen cabinets a cabernet red. School starts in a few weeks and I am itching to learn how to code smartphone apps. But for now, I am busy working on the house…

(living room pic below)

Also, we got a new dog!!! Welcome to the wolf pack Cosmos Christoffersen!!!! She’s a 9 m/o pit mutt mix and soooooooo sweet. We were driving by PetSmart and the adoption trap was out front. The sun was shining on Cosmos and I saw something so peaceful in her amber eyes. I turned around and told my hubby that I just wanted to turn around and look at her. Thirty minutes later, we had a new dog with a wonderfully sweet disposition.

Cheyenne is nearing the end. She’s almost succumbed to Cushings Disease, which we now know she had years ago when she drove me insane with accidents. I try to make Cheyenne as comfy as possible but I know the day will come soon. She is losing so much hair and can barely walk. Please send out positive thoughts and/or prayers for her please! She’s such a sweet dog but I can tell that she’s really tired of being in her aching body.

I’ve missed my brother more than ever. I still feel him in my heart and mind. I hear his soft, informative voice. I still wait to read a new beautifully written article or receive a funny and witty text message. I still hear him say, “love you too.” I suppose death is something one never really gets over. You just gotta get through the days and be as positive as possible. It’s so easy to be cynical. It takes work to be positive but I’m up for the challenge. What’s the other option? Be miserable? Not on my watch.

Working around the new house is my meditation. Some think that mediation means sitting in an upright position with your legs crossed in total silence or that it’s anti-Jesus. I don’t think that’s entirely true. Being mindful is meditation. Being in the present and not lost in fearful thoughts is meditation. Flow can happen when you do what you love. I love moving into this house and making it come alive. I love watering the plants. I love how the light in the pine trees gives me a really close guestimate on the time of day. I love hearing the birds, crickets and wind. I’m with nature, where I’ve always belonged. I’ve seen deer in the day and shooting stars at night. And I hope that, somewhere up in the beautiful incomprehensible abyss, my brother is listening to a kick ass song and smiling down on me as I bask in the beauty of the Mother Nature. After all, we need to mind our Mother.

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Toodles love poodles. May you have peace and patience in your hearts.


“No, this is not the beginning of a new chapter in my life; this is the beginning of a new book! That first book is already closed, ended, and tossed into the seas; this new book is newly opened, has just begun! Look, it is the first page! And it is a beautiful one!” 
― C. JoyBell

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  1. Jessica said:

    Cheyenne, our positive thoughts and prayers are coming your way, my friend! Your mommy and daddy love you SO much!

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